What Are Trading Indicators?

Don't let your chart look like this!

Indicators are used as part of a technical analysis trading strategy. They help show price movements in different ways other than what is immediately obvious. They can be used to show whether a market is trending, overbought or oversold, to name a few examples. In general, a good trading strategy shouldn’t rely too heavily on… 

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The Secret to Successful Day Trading

man holding a lot of money in hands

Around 95% of all day traders do not make money. Why is this? Is the stock market just a big scam set up to steal your life savings? Are the Wall Street bankers to blame for your losses? Well, although many traders losing money will come out with these conspiracies from time to time, the… 

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Day Trading For Beginners Series

day trading for beginners

Welcome to the “Day Trading For Beginners” series. A short series of blog posts that will teach you some of the basics of day trading. We are going to be focusing on day trading the E-Mini S&P 500, however some of the concepts can be applied to other markets. A new blog post will be… 

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