How to Install Ninjatrader 7 on a Mac Using Parallels Desktop

Screenshot of Ninjatrader Parallels Desktop configuration

Ninjatrader is only supported for the Windows operating system, not Mac OS X. So if you are wanting to trade using the Ninjatrader platform on a Mac machine you are going to have to go through some extra steps to get it set up. Don't worry, it isn't that tricky to get around the Windows limitation. All it involves is installing one extra program. You'll Want to Install Parallels ...

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+9.75 points ($4,875) – August 8th 2014

Screenshot of August 8th 2014 trades

Trade Summary Trades 9 Winners 6 Losers 3 Win % 67 Net points 9.75 Net profit (with 10 contracts) $4,875 Not much to say about today. More great trade setups and most of the students did really well. There were two really nice 2.5 point trades at the beginning and end of the trading session. And some of the traders were even able to extract an ...

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+5.75 points ($287.50) – August 4th 2014

Market recap screenshot of trades from August 4th 2014

Summary Trades 2 Winners 2 Losers 0 Win % 100 Net points 5.75 Net profit (with 1 contract) $287.50 Today I started trading quite a while after market open, and so I unfortunately missed a few winning trade setups. I haven't put them on the chart because I didn't personally take them, but there were two winning trade setups just after the market ...

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How to Install Ninjatrader Free Version and Set Up CQG Demo Feed

how to install ninjatrader and set up CQG demo

Here's a quick video showing you how to install the free version of Ninjatrader 7 with the free CQG demo feed. To make sure you don't miss out on new videos uploaded to the channel subscribe here: Video Tutorial We felt there was no need for a voiceover, as it would just add unnecessary time to the video. Update (March 22nd 2015): You can ...

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Internet and Computer Requirements for Day Trading


"All I have is a laptop and basic broadband. Will I have to buy a fancy new computer and get expensive internet to start trading?" I get these questions all the time from people interested in day trading. Many think trading isn't even possible because traders on wall street have advanced software and big offices packed full of computers. They have hundreds of employees all analysing the market ...

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